Copperbeck Energy Partners was formed to take advantage of investment opportunities in midstream and downstream-adjacent markets.


Our fundamental strategy is supported by an expectation of continued oil and gas production growth, driving increased demand in further downstream sectors including refining, petrochemical and industrial markets – across the United States and worldwide.


our strategy

With over $150 billion of capital earmarked for new manufacturing projects in the U.S. alone, we believe the downstream half of the energy value chain is primed for significant growth as direct and derivative products proliferate while competing for highest and best use. Copperbeck seeks to capitalize on this developing dynamic through fundamentals-based investment in assets, services and people critical to maximizing these values.

Creativity. Flexibility. Agility.

Creativity, flexibility, and agility also factor heavily throughout the Copperbeck investment process. 

No two opportunities are identical; every potential investment is surrounded by truly unique circumstances and should be treated as such. Structural, operational, and management flexibility (along with speed and certainty of execution) is often essential to a successful outcome. Copperbeck approaches every potential opportunity paying special mind to these fundamental factors.



Saconix LLC is a leading independent provider of logistics, marketing and distribution of sulfuric acid in the United States. Saconix focuses on providing unparalleled customer and supplier service utilizing its access to strategic terminals, railcars, barge and truck transportation fleet.

Saconix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Copperbeck Energy Partners.